Just how delicious Detoxing can be!

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, I do a 14 day detox diet every spring and fall. What is a detox diet?
For a determined period:
-Cut toxins out of one’s diet
-Eat foods that help flush the ones that are in the system (laxative, diuretic and that make you sweat)
-Eat foods that re-inforce organs that clean or that you are having problems with.

For the last few detoxes, I have organized it as a food exchange so that we can support each other and share the work of preparing the food. Each person cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner once or twice for everyone in the group, depending on how many people participate. We will exchange the food and everyone will bring a ton of tupperware and leave with their food for a week.

This detox is from March 5th to March 19th. This is how it works:

March 2nd at 10pm: Deadline to tell me if you are participating
March 3rd: Division of tasks and meeting point: How many people to cook for and where to meet to exchange food
Monday March 4th at 8:30pm: Meet to exchange food for week I (mornings or afternoons are okay for me too on Mondays)
Tuesday March 5th, start detox

Monday March 11th 8:30pm Meet to exchange food for Week II (mornings or afternoons are okay for me too)
March 19th possible wrap-up (tarot card reading, party, de-briefing, pot-luck- whatever)

For those who are in, I will send a detailed document that outlines foods that help during a detox, some recipes and the underlying principles. So as not to be vague, here are the rules

1. No red meat or pork
2. No chemical additives or processed food
3. Organic when possible
4. No dairy
5. No gluten
6. No refined sugar
7. no vinegar
8. No booze
9. No drugs
10. No cigarettes
11. No caffeine, includes chocolate that has been fromented!
12. Eat Things that help eliminate (laxative)
13. Eat Expectorants (things that make you sweat)
14. Eat Diuretics (things that make you pee)
15. Eat Things that support your immune-system and cleansing organs
16. Get exercise
17. Get sleep and rest
18. Get down time- meditation
19. Drink infusions, stuff that calms in the evening
20. Lots of liquids!
21. No more than 1 cup of tea a day
22. No toxic people, media, etc.
23. Keep clean
24. Do not eat 2 hours before bed time.
25. See what comes up! Even keeping a journal of how you feel and revelations you have in your life

Do not hesitate if you have questions. Looking forward to it!

Melissa Simard
4 Corners of the Table

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